Choosing accounting
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Choosing accounting

Considering a career in accounting? If you think it’s all about spreadsheets, think again. There’s carbon accounting, forensic accounting, stockbroking and positions such as chief executive and chief financial officer, to name just a few. They are also business advisers, mentors, coaches, analysts and leaders. New roles and opportunities for accountants are appearing all the time...

Take a look at some of the benefits of being an NZICA member and hear from current NZICA members who have profited using their accounting qualification. As you will see accounting can take you anywhere.


Why choose accounting?

Career paths

If you're studying accounting, or you're considering it, take a look at the many career paths open to you with accounting and NZICA membership.
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Why choose NZICA

Enjoy a range of services and other benefits that come with belonging to New Zealand's largest professional body.

Work overseas

The benefits of NZICA membership extend overseas. Our agreement with the Global Accounting Alliance (GAA) makes it easy to work abroad.

Salary expectations

See what you can expect to earn when you graduate.

Member profiles

A career in accounting is as varied as the people in it.  Check out these success stories: 

Josh Drake
Josh is the Financial Reporting and Systems Manager at the New Zealand Red Cross.
Rhys Faleafa

Rhys, General Manager for Huffer Direct, has the kind of job a lot of people would envy – and a great wardrobe too.

Cassandra Crowley

As CEO of Local Government Online, Cassandra doesn't spend all day staring at spreadsheets.

A wide range of career options

The accountancy field is more diverse than you might think. People working in the accountancy field also work in a variety of industries including Fashion, Law, Government, Entertainment, Telecommunications and Advertising.

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