Types of membership
Three pathways to a successful
career in business

Types of membership

We offer three membership pathways or designations to choose from: Chartered Accountant, Associate Chartered Accountant and Accounting Technician. Once you're a Chartered Accountant you also have the option of becoming a Public Practitioner.

Student Affiliate

Our programme for tertiary and high school students will prepare you for a career in business with exclusive events and resources.

Chartered Accountant membership

CA is our top designation and allows you to become a Public Practitioner.

Associate Chartered Accountant membership

ACAs are well placed to work in public practice, as financial analysts and in management roles.

Accounting Technician membership

ATs work in a wide range of accounting, finance and management roles, and in many sectors.

Requirements at a glance

Each designation has a set of qualifying requirements, summarised in the table below.


Chartered Accountant


Associate Chartered Accountant

Accounting Technician

Programme length Six years Five years

Four or five years


Three pathways to membership

Academic study programme Three year degree-level recognised programme Three year degree-level recognised programme

Two year diploma or degree level recognised programme




Three level vocational AAT Diploma in Accounting (part-time or full-time)

Practical Experience Programme

Three years of approved employment in an ATE** with a mentor

One year approved employment and one year relevant employment

2 years of relevant employment




At least 5 years of relevant experience for Assessment of Competence

Professional Competence Programme Chartered Accountants Program Foundations Programme

Professional Ethics




Foundations Programme

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 20 hours verifiable per year, 20 hours non-verifiable 15 hours verifiable per year, 15 hours non-verifiable 10 hours verifiable per year, 10 hours non-verifiable

Reciprocal membership

Yes, with a number of overseas accounting bodies


Yes, with the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) (UK)

Roles requiring a particular designation

Certificate of Public Practice

**ATE = Approved Training Employer

^ PAS/PCE must be completed by the end of 2015.

If you are an Accounting Technician or Associate Chartered Accountant, you can build on the requirements you have completed and transfer them to another designation.

Read more about transferring to another designation

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