Complying with the
Auditor Regulation Act 2011

Auditor Regulation

The Auditor Regulation Act 2011 (Act) is part of the Government's programme to enhance investor confidence in financial markets and to strengthen investor protection.  The Act establishes an independent audit oversight regime for the auditors of issuers (FMC reporting entities) within New Zealand. Firms and individual auditors undertaking FMC audits are required to be registered/licensed under The Act.

NZICA is an accredited body under the Act.  As an accredited body NZICA is responsible for licensing and registering New Zealand based auditors and audit firms.  NZICA is also responsible for ensuring that licensed auditors are complying with their licence conditions.  Accredited bodies including NZICA are required to have disciplinary processes in place to deal with any significant breaches. 

NZICA has established standard conditions for registered firms and licensed auditors.  These conditions may be viewed on the Companies Office website.  They include requirements for continuous disclosure of information necessary for our monitoring purposes.

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) is responsible for monitoring accredited bodies and for ensuring that Quality Reviews are undertaken for each registered audit firm. The FMA set prescribed minimum standards which licensed auditors and registered firms are required to meet.  The FMA is also responsible for the licensing and registration of overseas auditors and audit firms.

The Registrar of Companies is responsible for maintaining the public register of licensed auditors and audit firms - See Auditors Register


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