How to become a member
The steps to NZICA membership

How to become a member

If you have questions about becoming an NZICA member, you'll find what you need to know on this page.

Membership requirements

For all three membership designations (Chartered Accountant, Associate Chartered Accountant and Accounting Technician) you'll need to complete:

  • academic study
  • practical experience requirements
  • A professional competence programme
    • for Chartered Accountants, the Chartered Accountants Program or old PAS/PCE for eligable candidates.
    • for Accounting Technicians and Associate Chartered Accountants, the PETH module.
Where and what to study

Where and what to study

Deciding where and what to study can be difficult. We've made it easier by providing a list of accredited institutions, recognised courses, and other useful information.
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Chartered Accountant pathway

CAs are professionals who have completed a three-year tertiary degree covering the required topics.

Associate Chartered Accountant pathway

ACAs are professionals with a bachelor's degree with accounting and business study.

Accounting Technician pathway

ATs attain professional designation after acquiring core accounting and business skills.

Finished your tertiary study?

Practical Experience Requirements

Conceptual knowledge combined with practical experience will make you a well-rounded professional. Find out more about the practical experience requirements for membership.

Find an Approved Training Employer to work for

Search for employers in your region to complete your practical experience requirements.

The Chartered Accountants Program

The Chartered Accountants Program launched in 2013. We've put together a comprehensive Program guide so you have all the information you need right at your fingertips.

PETH (Previously Foundations) and PAS/PCE Programme

Candidates who have completed four years of academic study can choose to complete PETH (previously Foundations) and PAS/PCE or the new Chartered Accountants Program. PAS/PCE must be completed by 2015.



Coming from overseas?

Member of a GAA Institute

If you're a member of a  Global Accounting Alliance (GAA) Institute and have moved to New Zealand, you can benefit from a range of our services.

Members of overseas accounting bodies

If you're a full member with an overseas accounting body we recognise, you can apply to becoming an NZICA member.

Recognition of overseas study

Completed study overseas? You can have it considered towards the academic requirements for NZICA membership. 

Already a full member?

Transferring between designations

Unsure which membership pathway to choose or thinking of switching to another? Find out about the additional requirements to transfer to another designation.

Returning to membership

Are you a former member who wants to return to membership? Find out how.

Become a public practitioner

Once you're fully qualified as a Chartered Accountant you can get a Certificate of Public Practice, which allows you to offer accounting services to the public.

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