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Pick an industry you’d like to work in. Pick a place you’d like to live. Chartered Accounting is the profession that can give you all the challenges, opportunities and most importantly, the life you want.

Whatever your level of study, sign up for our Student Affiliate programme. It's the ideal way to discover the world of accounting from those in the know. Receive invites to exclusive events to meet employers and be kept in the loop about exciting stuff happening at your school or campus.

Student Affiliate Programme

Becoming a Student Affiliate is a simple and effective way of staying up to date with the latest accounting news relevant to you.

Studying at school

Young Enterprise tips and resources, what subjects to take at school and info about our scholarships.

Tertiary study

What and where to study, events, competitions and our scholarships for tertiary students.

Chartered Accountants Program

We're changing the way students become Chartered Accountants. Find out about the new programme and how you're affected.

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